Thinking of selling your property? Let us market and sell your property for you. We will endeavor to obtain the best possible price for you and not only do we deliver efficient service with the sale of the property but we also play an important role in the Transfer process of the property in order to ensure that the transfer takes place as smoothly as possible. “Not only can you consider your property sold, but you can be sure for the process to be effortless and smooth”


AIV Property Specialists’ is a fully registered Estate Agency and is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs board (EAAB) and therefore comply with all the EAAB requirements. 
Our agents are required to be qualified and registered with the EAAB. Successful Procurements and sufficient Management means that both the landlords and the tenants are happy!
It means exercising an intuitive approach, continuously going the extra mile and staying in touch. If you are looking to let out your home or investment, our team provides the following services to Landlords:
▪ Advertising of your property on all the major property sites as well as smaller websites.
▪ Assist in viewings
▪ As we believe that the screening of prospective tenants are of the utmost importance in procuring the correct tenant we are sure to do a full background check on all prospective tenants and the Screening of tenants for suitability involves the following:
• We are registered with (TPN), Tenant Profile Network which screens the tenant’s rental history, Transunion defaults, bank account checks as well as all the tenant’s credit history.
• In addition, we also contact the current landlord and employer to confirm the details provided by the tenant and found on TPN respectfully.
• We do telephonic and email background checks by contacting the prospective tenant’s current landlord as well as their Employer in order to confirm that the information provided to us are indeed accurate and legit.
▪ Negotiating the lease, this includes the relevant legal requirements and the signing of a lease  
Agreement which is comprehensive and benefits both the Tenant and the Owner.
▪ Our agents also assist with the key handover and a comprehensive entry inspection, which is a 
Requirement of the Rental Housing Act of South Africa.  


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